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Public data from current and past space physics missions

June 15, 2017: High-resolution Level-2 archive, electron and proton, survey and burst mode fluxes from the FAST mission's ESA instrument are now publicly available in CDAWeb. These products fully supersede the older survey parameters in CDAWeb that were originally produced by FAST ESA.

June 12, 2017: All RBSP ECT data set files have been removed from the system/archive. The files will be replaced with the latest copy from the RBSP-ECT LANL data portal. Once the entire set of files has been validated and ingested into the system this message will be updated. In the meantime the files can be found at the RBSP-ECT data portal.

May 15, 2017: THEMIS Level2 ESA, EFI, FGM, FIT, MOM and SST data, for the entire mission, has been re-processed at Berkeley to include spin-fit timing adjustments. The files have been validated/ingested into the system. See the THEMIS data processing history pages for the pertinent information.


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